About Us


About Us

IEnova was one of the first private companies to invest in the energy sector in Mexico following the reforms that allowed the participation of the private sector in natural gas pipelines, storage and distribution. Since our arrival in the country in 1996, we have positioned ourselves as a leader in the energy industry.

Our accomplishments as a pioneering company in private investment in Mexican energy infrastructure include:

  • We were the first company to win a bid for natural gas distribution service in Mexico;
  • We are a pioneer company in the development of open access natural gas transportation systems;
  • Our natural gas transportation systems enabled the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to convert some of its power generation plants from fuel oil to natural gas;
  • We built the first LNG receipt, storage, and regasification terminal on the West Coast of North America;
  • We designed and built the first private LPG transportation pipeline, with storage and pumping facilities;
  • We designed, developed and built Energía Sierra Juárez, and today we operate along with our partner InterGen, being the first cross-border Mexico-United States renewable energy generation project;
  • We designed, developed and built the first private ethane transportation system in Mexico, which covers the states of Tabasco, Chiapas, and Veracruz;
  • We designed and built along with our partner TC Energy, the first private natural gas marine pipeline, one of the largest natural gas infrastructure the projects in Mexico;
  • We operate Ventika, one of the largest wind farms in Mexico and one of the biggest in Latin America;
  • First contract for electricity supply between a private generator and an industrial customer;
  • We are the first private energy company to be listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange;
  • We are the only energy company to be part of the Mexican Stock Exchange Sustainability Index.
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To develop, build, and operate energy infrastructure which fosters Mexico’s growth, in a framework of ethics, safety, respect, and commitment to our employees, the environment, the communities to which we belong, our customers, and shareholders.


To be the leading energy infrastructure company in Mexico that contributes to the country’s sustainable development.



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