Environment Responsibility

At IEnova we are committed to respecting, protecting and conserving the environment in a sustainable way. Through various actions, we have shown that the development of energy infrastructure can be compatible with the protection and preservation of the environment, when handled in a responsible manner.

Our activities are within the following environmental policies:

  • Comply with all environmental requirements established in all laws, regulations and permits applicable.
  • Join efforts with customers, public officials and other community leaders to protect the environment in a sensitive and responsible matter.
  • Promote the development and use of efficient and clean technologies helping customers satisfy their energy supply needs in a way that is environmentally responsible.
  • Reduce the environmental impact through activities such as recycling and minimizing waste.
  • Foment the development of innovative and cost-efficient compliance methods, as well as the use of practices to evaluate our own performance.
  • Implement adequate programs in terms of the environmental education and training for our employees and shareholders;
  • Continuosly review and improve results, operational and administrative practices;
  • Realize all activities with full compliance of environmental policies.

Additionally, our companies participate in voluntary environmental audit programs administered by the Federal Ministry of Environment (PROFEPA); most of our companies have clean industry certificates that have been ratified.